Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The First One

Hello to anyone on the web who happened to stumble across my little piece of the blogosphere! I wanted to write an introductory post before I start my... drumroll please... very first year of teaching!

I began this blog a few months ago when I started student teaching. I had anticipated sharing my adventures I would have with my fantastic third graders, but I decided I to hold off until I had a true classroom of my own. I instead spent the last few months stalking the blogs of other lovely educators, gaining inspiration, motivation, and more love than I could imagine for this wonderful career.

I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in December 2013, after which I began student teaching third grade. The four months I spent in that classroom were a whirlwind of emotions on both ends of the spectrum. I laughed, I cried, it was crazy! I wouldn't change anything. I was so sad to see it end and I've missed my kiddos, but I was excited to begin the job hunt. I applied to countless school districts, but just when my faith was beginning to falter, I received a call for an interview!  The level of nerves I experienced throughout the interview process is not to be underestimated. However, I kept my head up and had faith in my abilities. After an interview with the principal, a demo lesson, and a final interview with the superintendent, I can say that it was all worth it.

I am happy thrilled ECSTATIC to announce to the world that I am officially a Fourth Grade Teacher!

I will be teaching math and science in an upper elementary (4th & 5th grade) school and I could not be more excited! I cannot wait to meet my colleagues, grade-level teammates, and of course.. my STUDENTS! It will surely be an adventure, and I am excited to share my experiences with all of you!

Stay tuned!

xo Liv

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  1. Nice to meet you and I am so glad to have another Upper Grade Blogger here in the blogosphere. I am your newest follower. I absolutely LOVE teaching 4th grade so let me know if you need any ideas or want to bounce things around!

    Fancy Free in Fourth