Monday, September 15, 2014

As could have been expected...

I had big plans for this blog. Huge. I was going to post at least once a week with all of my teaching adventures: setting up my classroom, professional development, new teacher orientation... I was going to post pictures, give credit to all of the great Teacher Bloggers I purchased resources from, show their products in action! I wanted to do a perfect classroom reveal, detail my first week's activities, gush about my adorable kiddos... As could have been expected, life just gets in the way!

As I'm sure all of you are well aware, the beginning of the year is a WHIRLWIND of planning, paperwork, routines, procedures, etc... and this being my first year of teaching... it has been hectic. I had the added misfortune of MISSING my first week of school. On the morning of my first teacher in-service day, I woke up with the vertigo of all vertigos. I ended up in the hospital for two days because I was unable to even lift my head from the dizziness. It was a terrible experience, but the absolute WORST part of it all was that I missed my students' first two days of school! My principal was so supportive and I had a great substitute who really accomplished a lot in my absence, but needless to say I was heartbroken to miss my first two days of my first ever teaching job. I was determined not to let this hinder my first days of school plans... so I just pretended Monday was the first day for all of us! Last week was my first full week. I spent a lot of time getting to know my kiddos, establishing routines and procedures, and really just getting my head on straight after being sick. Without going into too much detail, it was a challenging week but a successful one in general.

I am hoping to begin blogging more now that I've officially started teaching and I feel like I've finally got some sanity in my schedule. I'd love to eventually share some pictures of my room soon!

I'm not sure how many readers I have, but if there are any of you out there I would LOVE to read any advice you have for the first weeks of school!

xo Liv

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