Monday, September 15, 2014

My First Sunday Scoop... and it's on a Monday

I'm linking up with Teaching Trio for "The Sunday Scoop!" Their linky title makes me want an ice cream sundae... Yum.  

3 things I have to do:
  1. Laundry- Seems to be a common theme for this linky party. It's a never ending battle.
  2. Cook dinner- I'm actually pretty excited about it. Bertolli makes these great frozen pasta bags. You just put everything in a skillet and heat! They're so easy and SO delicious! Tonight we're having Chicken Florentine over Farfalle. Mm mm mm!
  3. Start working on SGOs. In New Jersey, SGOs are part of our teacher evaluations. They are long-term academic goals that teachers set for homogenous groups of students in their classes. I've been collecting data to create my tiered groups. I just need to analyze it all!
2 thing's I hope to do:
  1. Stop being sick!- I woke up with a sore throat yesterday and I'm nervous because strep is going around with the kiddos. I hope that's not what I'm getting! I can't afford to miss any more school.
  2. Spend some quality time with my boyfriend- Life has been so crazy lately with being sick and starting my new job. He is the most supportive person in my life. I'd love to just spend a lazy Sunday together just catch up. Hopefully this weekend!
1 thing I'm happy to do:
  1. Finally be blogging!- As I mentioned in my last post, I had big plans for this blog. I'm hoping to post at least once a week from now on!
I am so happy that Teaching Trio created this linky. It's short and sweet and it makes my one post a week goal seem realistic!

Can't wait to check out your posts!

xo Liv

P.S. I really need a button for my blog for these linky parties. Any advice? I have no idea how to make one!

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